Our Story

Christmas spent in Bright 2020

From camping virgins to fully-fledged converts. That’s the gist of it, give or take a couple of wrong turns along the way.  

We’re two reformed Brits (we won’t tell if you don’t) who packed it in and moved across the world. Though Australia’s well and truly home now, we’re pretty lucky to have done our fair share of travelling before that.

But when it came to our own backyard, we’d stuck to the beaten track. That meant a whole lot of boutique BnBs costing big bucks. When lockdown hit in summer 2020, we were desperate to getaway. But everything was booked out.

Our last shot? Ditch our fear of snakes and spiders, brush up on the best spots and go bush. And we’re bloody glad we did.   

We woke to the sun rising, cockatoos cawing in the trees. We sat in the sand and swam in the sea. We gathered round a roaring fire, shared wine with friends and watched the stars take over the sky. Conscious, connected, unplugged and unstoppable.

In short, it was unforgettable.

High up in the alpines victoria

The mission

For so long, camping seemed out of the question. But that couldn’t have been further from the truth. Something in us clicked: we wanted to make it easier for everyone to explore our backyard. 

That meant making it more accessible, affordable, comfortable and convenient. No more battling to find a booking, no last minute cancellations, no fuss.

Car camping fit the bill. But unless you know your way round the backseat, it’s not always the first choice for first timers. We thought we needed a bigger car — like an 4x4 or campervan — and a full fitout to do it right.

That’s how Camp Setup was born. By creating a flexible, flat pack bed base to fit most cars, we’re putting you back in the driver’s seat. For less than the price of a weekend away.

Consider this a callout: it’s time to hit the highway and see what our country’s all about.