Keeping it local & sustainable

Keeping it local & sustainable

Camp Setup was born from the love of our backyard. If we didn’t put this first, what’s the point?

That’s why we’re in — boots and all — to doing things right. It means no shortcuts, no ifs, no buts. It means taking the time to make something that lasts. Reducing our waste and our impact on the earth. Supporting local manufacturing and proving Aussie craftsmanship is still as good as it gets.

So, let’s get down to it: this is what we’re all about.


Built from the best

We knew a couple things from the get-go. Our Byron Base needed to be well-made. It needed to be lightweight and easy to assemble. But above all else, it needed to be sustainable.

BC radiata plywood fit the bill. Grown in man-made radiata forests — which have been found to lower CO2 emissions, help offset fossil fuels and provide a home to a number of native creatures — it’s 100% sustainably and responsibly sourced.


Sustainable green forest

Waste not, want not

Because it’s about the journey, not just the destination. When it comes to sustainability, the process is as important as the product. With our materials sorted, the next step was to make sure our practices were as efficient as possible.

We custom-build our Byron Base™ in short-run quantities. We’re invested in lean manufacturing and minimising waste.

To do this, we get the most mileage possible out of our materials and reduce offcuts. We reuse or recycle anything left that would otherwise go to landfill.


CampSetup CNC Router Machining the ByronBase


Handmade on home turf  

Our road-ready camping setups are made from start to finish in our Melbourne warehouse. 

Forget offshore operations or third-party labour. From production and manufacturing to invoices, emails, playlist decisions and snack runs, we’re a team of two getting it done. That means a reduced carbon footprint, no outsourced exploitation and a leg up for Australia. 


Long live local

We’re a small business sticking up for Aussie manufacturing. And we’re proud to support others just like us. Because after all, it’s the little guys who make our country what it is.

Every dollar we spend on something made in Australia goes back to Australians: to supporting jobs, growing our economy and backing our manufacturing industries.

And you know what? We reckon that’s money well spent.

Our ByronBase™ camp bed turns your vehicle into a camper in under 10 mins, easy. Designed and made in Melbourne, our no screws or tools needed kits are built for a lifetime of action from ethically sourced materials and delivered directly to you door.

Consider this a callout: it’s time to hit the highway and see what our country’s all about. 

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